T-Wolves Gaming Logo: Team Marks Point To Unity In Competition

For an organization as new as the NBA 2K league, it’s very important for to have a unifying identity. So, when Rodney Richardson and his team at RARE Design started concepting logos for the new 2K teams, they thought it was important that while teams had their own unique look there was also a cohesive element.

“One of the big challenges was that we identified was how to make a bold statement for the league,” said Richardson. “Probably one of the biggest ways to do that was to go in with this unifying front. These teams locking arm in arm together, moving into this digital space as the elite level of basketball.”

In the imagery for the NBA 2K league, Richardson wanted to express what made the league special and different from other sports leagues. While the teams in the NBA 2K league will be in competition, they are also fighting together to build a sport they love. The designs of their marks reflect that.

“What is so unique about this league more than any other league out there, you’re not constrained by physical ability, you’re not constrained by size, shape, weight, age, sex, any of those things,” he said. “If you can play you can be in this league. There’s such a great and powerful story to tell just for the game of basketball.”