T-Wolves Gaming Logo: Unique Colors Build Electric Identity

T-Wolves Gaming unveiled their logo on Tuesday—a sharp midnight blue wolf head on a green background. Many hours were put into the logo design, and each specific element means something. Nothing was done by accident.

“We knew that each of these teams as they were moving out in the early stages of this league and explaining what this league is about and helping people to understand it. Their story needs to be very very pure” said logo designer Rodney Richardson. “So we asked what are the two, three, four things that are most important about who you are, things that we must convey over anything else.”

For T-Wolves Gaming the colors were a big part of that identity. The Wolves have always used a green and blue color scheme and these specific shades give T-Wolves Gaming its own distinct identity while maintaining a connection to the larger franchise.

“They came in with this midnight navy and this aurora green and the contrast of that and the electricity of that and the enthusiasm that’s built out of that for the organization as a whole is exactly the spark that would ignite this identity of where this team is going,” said Richardson.

T-Wolves Gaming is positioned to be an exciting and successful entry into the NBA 2K league and the logo perfectly embodies that vision. It’s a mark many players will be thrilled to wear as the franchise continues to grow.