T-Wolves Gaming Logo: A Symbol Centuries In The Making

T-Wolves Gaming will play while bearing the logo of a fierce wolf. When they take the digital court, they’ll be doing so with a symbol that has been used by warriors for centuries.

“This animal, there’s been no other animal throughout all of history that’s been more revered, that’s been more utilized as a symbol for the warrior,” said Rodney Richardson, who designed the logo. “We saw image after image of warriors throughout time literally cloaking themselves with the skin of the wolf.”

Though it is an age-old symbol, Richardson and his team worked to adapt the image to fit the modern era and the digital space.

“There was that aspect when we thought about the future for a digital realm version of [the wolf],” said Richardson. “What does that mask look like? What does that taking on the spirit of the wolf look like in that space? That became the motivation for this mark.”

What they ended up with was a symbol that hearkens back to warrior traditions but has its own distinct edge as well. It’s a mark that was inspired by masks that struck fear into the hearts of the enemies of those that wore them. T-Wolves Gaming will hope to strike that same fear into their opponents on the 2K court.